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Krsna Das has lived in India on and off for over 17 years.  He spent a number of years as a sadhu, living in a cave in the Himalayas, going on pilgrimages all over India with no more than three sheets and a brass pot with a lid.  He met his guru, Dev Das Maharaji, in Vrindavan after lving in a cave.  With such a strong connection and love of Bhakti, he took initiation on Dark Moon early in 1998.  

Mirramai had a dream about Dev Das Maharaji in Australia a year before she met him.  Her first week in India was at the Maha Kumbha Mela in Prayag, where whe met her guru.  She took initiation on Shivratri, 2000. 

Together they have much experience with Hindu and Buddhist teachings and philosophy.   They practice Meditation, Pranayama, Asanas, Kriyas, Japa Mala, Mantra study, Chanting and Self-enquiry. 

Our sadhana (practice) is devotion or Bhakti Yoga, and the union of opposites.  We work towards Bhakti through devotion to god, each other and in the world.  We love to cook Prasad, or food that is offered, for people and do puja for Laxmi, Goddess Mother of Abundance, and Hanuman, the Greatest Devotee of God and our Protector.  We very much enjoy when we can sing bhajans and kirtans with people in the community.  We serve where and when we are needed doing Seva or Karma Yoga wherever we go through the belief that we manifest abundance and share it freely.

All our devtion, meditations and mantras keep Devraha Baba and our gurus in our minds and hearts.



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