Stories of Devraha Baba


One story I heard from Dev Das Maharaj was as follows.  Once, in a town in the Himalayas, the villagers were having a very difficult time with the local bears.  The bears would come into the town and frighten the people and make big messes in the village.  The people asked Devraha Baba for help on this matter.


Baba told that the people should make a big bandara (feast) for the bears.  The villagers were not allowed to see the bears eating the bandara. 


So the food was prepared and the bears sat in rows to eat this wonderful feast the villagers made for them.  Devraha Baba told the bears to be kind to the villagers, they made this great feast.  The bears seemed to agree and ate heartily at the feast before them. 

Of course, someone snuck a peek at what was happening to tell this story. 



Another story I read in an old news paper article and heard it from Guruji.  Devraha Baba was at Kumbha Mela in Haridwar.  An elephant was stampeding down one of the many roads.  No one could stop the elephant.  Devraha Baba just stood in front of him with his hand up and the elephant just stopped. 



Devraha Baba had many devotees visiting him.  Some of his devotees wanted to take Baba to the Haridwar Kumbh Mela, 1986.  Baba told them to go on without him and he would “catch” up to them.  Everyone left.  It is told that someone across Yamunaji saw Devraha Baba go in her waters, as he would frequently do.  Devraha Baba went into the Yamuna and did not come back out. 

His devotees drove to the Kumbha Mela.  It would have taken about 7-8 hours to drive from Vrindaban to Haridwar.   When they arrived towards the Ganges, they noticed a big crowd had formed at the bank on Ganga Ma.  Out of the water came Devraha Baba. 



Devraha Baba has been heard in his munch (pole hut) speaking, even while he wasn’t there. 



Devraha Baba had been seen to have water dripping from his jatta (dreadlocks) one Shivratri night, like Shiva holding back the waters of Ganga Ma as she rushed towards the Earth.   There was an amazing amount of water everywhere after some time. 


When Devraha Baba took Mahasamadhi, there were nearly 2000 devotees at the ashram in Vrindavan who came to witness.  Baba was taken sitting in a chair to the Yamuna.  Many were on land and many were in boats.  Baba was brought into Yamunaji.  Saints and babies are not cremated usually in Hindu culture.  When Baba went into the water, many devotees dove into Yamunaji to see or get a glance at Baba.  His body had disappeared, dissolved into Yamunaji with not a trace left behind.


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