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Welcome to the Devraha Baba Cyber Ashram.  We have created this site to bring together all the devotees and admirers of Devraha Baba, our Sadguru, Devdas Maharaj, our initiation guru and Ramsewakdas Maharaj.  We are all over the world and it is nice to link up.  We welcome all photos, stories, experiences, etc. to this site and hope to connect with you soon.


Devraha Baba was a great saint of India from the spiritual heritage of the Avatar Ramanandacharya  His last years were spent living in a munch (an elevated hut), by the Yamuna river near Vrindavan.  He lived on a 12-foot-high wooden platform where he was Digambaraya, meaning clothed in the sky, . He only took small amounts of sustainence and drank water from the Yamuna river.  He was kept alive by his mystical connection with creation and was a Master of Yoga and Mantra.  He claimed he could be in two places simultaneously (a siddhi described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras). He was observed to have stayed underwater unaided for half an hour. He always radiated love. He was a Premaswarupa, an incarnation of love. He gave darshan (spiritual blessing) to devotees who came to pay homage. Many came to visit this great illustrious saint. Many leaders of society, amongst them prime ministers and presidents, would visit this ancient man with no clothes living in a straw hut, seeking his sage advice and blessings.  As a matter of fact, not only the famous, but people from all levels of society would come from all over just to feel his presence.   He took Mahasamadhi (relinquished his body) in June, 1990 and and ashram and mandir were erected int he area where he lived.  His presence carried on by his two main disciples, Dev Das Maharaj and Ramsewak Das Maharaj.





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